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Ocular CoreSightDry™

(Scope Rear Sight Cover for Rain)

Product Description

When you are in the field, a clean lens can mean the difference between a hit and miss especially at longer ranges. For years, shooters have protected their lenses from water droplets during downpours by using household plastic wraps, towels, and cylindrical objects. Unfortunately none of these sight covers fully protected the scope lens during long stalking and wet windy weather and in fact many of them collapsed under heavy downpour or long stand-offs resulting in an obstructed field of view. Other devices tried were hard to put on or bulky to carry, and some even became dangerous if they came in contact with the shooter’s face.

The requirements from sniper units in the field were clear. They needed a simple device to protect their telescopic sight against the elements. It had to be safe, not interfere with the bolt manipulation, easy to put on and take off and easily stored on person or in their sniper binder kit.

After many months of prototyping sight covers we have designed the CoreSightDry™ that satisfies all these requirements. If you are engaged in long stand offs in wet and adverse weather or regularly shoot in wet climate, this is a must have item.

Product Features

  • Protects the ocular (rear) scope lens from rain
  • Reduces vision-obstructing glare that can be caused by water droplets
  • Reduces water spot staining thus keeping the need for lens cleaning to a minimum
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off - like a raincoat, the lens covers can be taken off when the weather is good and put back on in wet conditions
  • Maintains the full field of view
  • Constructed from thin durable material and industrial hook and loop
  • Takes virtually no space and stays flat in the sniper kit or sniper binder
  • Fits wide range of ocular lenses such as Leupold, Night Force, Schmidt & Bender, Bushnell and many more
  • Has one piece construction
  • Does not interfere with bolt manipulation
  • Stays in place during recoil
  • Acts as a ocular sun shade, if required
  • Measures 3” Wide x 6” Long
  • Weighs approximately 1.05 OZ
  • Made in Canada by CORETAC SOLUTIONS INC.

    Note: For smaller scope objective lenses (40mm, 32mm) this ocular (Rear) CoreSightDry™ can be used as the objective (front) lens cover.
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Shipping: In Stock items ship in 1-2 days
Price: $23.00 CDN
Sale Price: $15.00 CDN


Proud sponsor of the
Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Proud sponsor of the
Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge

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Alberta Long Range Rally Shoot

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Police Marksmanship Challenge

Proud “Recruit” sponsor of the Canadian Forces Small Arms Competitions Awards Program

Company Information

P.O. Box 48081
Dundas Sheppard
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4G8
(647) 204-7209
Email: info@coretacsolutions.com

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